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Kirkwood Real Estate

Kirkwood was established in 1853 and was the first planned residential commuter suburb west of the Mississippi.  It was one of four early commuter railroad suburbs in the St. Louis region.  The story of trains is intertwined with the history of Kirkwood.  Kirkwood owes its very existence to the railroad. The City was named for James Pugh Kirkwood, the engineer in charge of locating, surveying, and building the railroad.  From the beginning, it’s been a love affair between citizens and trains, as evidenced by the beautiful and historic Kirkwood Train Station, located in the heart of the City.

Today the City is nine square miles in size and is home to a population of 27,540 (2010 Census).   Located in Southwest St. Louis County, Kirkwood boasts high property values, quality public and private schools, safe neighborhoods and exceptional City services. More than 300 acres of park land can be found throughout the community, from a large central park that includes an aquatic center, ice rink, outdoor amphitheater, ball fields, tennis courts, picnic sites, and playground areas, to smaller neighborhood parks.

School District in Kirkwood:
Kirkwood School District